Capitol Forum Class Statements & Ballot Reports

Capitol Forum Class Statements

Class Statements are an articulation of the consensus of the class regarding their concerns, values, and priorities for America. Class statements are submitted prior to the forum at the state capitol. Following the forum, students will continue discussion in the classroom and then participate in a Student Ballot and ultimately frame their own "Future Five" statements. These are often framed as letters to elected officials.

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See letters expressing student views following the forum.

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Capitol Forum Ballot Report

Statewide Capitol Forum programs begin and end in the classroom. Following the forum at the state capitol, all students in participating classes engage in classroom discussion and then complete the Student Ballot on America's Future. Completed ballot data is analyzed and developed into the Capitol Forum Ballot Report.

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U.S. Role in a Changing World: Youth Speak Out - 2005

During the year leading up to the 2004 national elections, high school students across the country wrestled with the question of our nation’s role in the world. Study and discussion took place both in class and in extracurricular programs and involved consideration of a wide range of current international issues. An online ballot was developed to provide an opportunity for students to register their views on key international issues and then to have those views presented to elected officials.

The U.S. Role in the World: A Report on Student Views was released in January 2005. Senators Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Jack Reed (D-RI) distributed the report to their colleagues in the U.S. Senate, and Representatives Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and Christopher Shays (R-CT) did the same in the U.S. House of Representatives.