Organizing Capitol Forum

Capitol Forum programs are organized on a statewide basis. In each participating state the program begins with a professional development workshop for teachers in the fall and involves classroom preparation within the context of the participating teachers' regular courses. The centerpiece of the program in each state takes place in the spring when 80 to 100 students from 20 schools come to their state capitol as class representatives for an all-day forum. Following the forum, student representatives return to their own classrooms to lead their fellow students in a dialogue on international issues. The program culminates each year in a balloting activity in which all students participate.

Organizing Resources for Capitol Forum

The following resources are organized to correspond with the organizing stages of the Capitol Forum. These resources are used by State Organizers and Lead Teachers.

Getting Started

Outreach and Teacher Selection

Introductory Workshop

Meeting Packet Materials

Presentation Documents

Pre-Forum Planning Meeting

Leadership Guides and Resources

Student Resources

Other Resources

Capitol Forum

Leadership Guides

Student Resources

Post-Forum Activities


A copy of the Capitol Forum Curiculum Resource Book is available as a pdf.