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The same award-winning content teachers expect from the Choices Program is now web based! Purchase an individual, site, or district license and always have the most up-to-date version of our materials.

  • Pricing for site and district licenses is based on enrollment, number of titles, and length of license. Request a quote or demo.
  • Pricing for for a single teacher:

2 Year License – $45/title
3 Year License – $64/title
4 Year License – $82.50/title
5 Year License – $100/title


Series pricing reflects a 15% discount off of individual titles. Complete Series reflects a 20% discount. Each curriculum unit within a series is licensed for single-teacher use.

Titles Print PDF Deluxe*
Complete Series 34 units $1,125 $1,125 $2025
S&H   $135 $10 $145
Current Issues Series 19 units $665 $665 $1200
S&H   $79.80 $10 $89.80
Geography Series 17 units $595 $595 $1070
S&H   $71.40 $10 $81.40
U.S. History Series 12 units $420 $420 $755
S&H   $50.40 $10 $60.40
World History Series 15 units $525 $525 $945
S&H   $63 $10 $73

* Deluxe editions include one print and one PDF version of each unit in the series.

Individual Units

Teacher Sets are licensed for single-teacher use.

Digital Edition
Access to Digital Editions for a single teacher.

2 Year License – $45/title
3 Year License – $64/title
4 Year License – $82.50/title
5 Year License – $100/title

Print Teacher’s Set – $41
1 reproducible student text and 1 teacher resource book. Teacher sets are licensed for single-teacher use.

PDF Teacher’s Set – $41
A PDF file, containing a student text and a teacher resource book, downloaded from our webstore. Teacher Sets are licensed for single-teacher use. PDF Teacher Sets may not be posted online.

Deluxe Edition – $69.50
Print and PDF version of a Teachers Set. Deluxe Editions are licensed for single-teacher use.

Print Classroom Set – $18 ea.
A minimum order of 10 student texts per title. A teacher resource book will be included free of charge.


Order Online

Visit our Curriculum Catalog to place an order online with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Order Form

Complete the order form and return it to us with a copy of your purchase order or a check payable to “Brown University – Choices Program.”


Shipping and Handling

All book orders are 12% s&h. All digital orders that are shipped are $10 s&h.

Sole Source Provider

The Choices Program is the Sole Source Provider for Choices Program curriculum resources.

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