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"Now, more than ever, with the demands of higher order thinking skills like reading informational texts, writing persuasive arguments and speaking and listening skills in the Common Core standards, Choices delivers. In a powerful and engaging format for students and with an array of options for teachers that includes primary documents, on-line videos and teacher supports, Choices offers a valuable and flexible resource to high school educators."

– New Hampshire Teacher

We are working on details for the 2015 Training for District Leaders. Please email Mimi Stephens if you would like more details when they become available.

Mastering the Common Core
A Four-day Training for District Leaders

April 30-May 3, 2014
Brown University, Providence, RI

The Choices Program is excited to offer a new professional development opportunity to district-level social studies leaders. Mastering the Common Core with the Choices Program will explore methods for implementing the Choices Program’s materials and approach to meet Common Core objectives.


Cost of training: $950

Note: Travel, lodging, and some meals are the responsibility of the sending district. Payment in full is due upon acceptance.


Review of applicants will begin on January 13th, and will continue until full. Enrollment is limited to 25. Please call 401-863-3155 or email to check on space availability.

There are two parts to the application: one part is to be completed by the applicant, one part is for the district.

Download Application Part A To be complete by the applicant

Download Application Part B To be completed by the sending district

For an overview of how Choices materials address Common Core visit Meeting Common Core Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best person in the district to send?

This program uses a “train the trainer” model. It is open to curriculum directors, department heads, and lead teachers. Districts should select a person who is capable of and interested in taking the investment made by the district to send him/her to the training, and parlaying it into meaningful, in-house professional development. In some cases this may be the social studies supervisor or curriculum director; in other cases it may be an energetic department head or outstanding teacher.

My state is not a Common Core state. Should we still attend?

Yes. State standards in states that have not adopted Common Core typically address many of the skills addressed by Common Core.

How familiar should the applicant be with the Choices Program?

Accepted applicants should spend some time looking at before arriving. If he/she has never used a Choices unit, a visit to the Choices Online Learning Module is highly recommended. Applicants can find there an overview of the Choices Program, download the Competing Visions of Human Rights: Questions for U.S. Policy unit, and complete a series of activities found in our units.

My district is pretty small. Can we still apply?

Yes, this program is open to educators from districts of all sizes and settings.

What is it really going to cost my district to send one person?

Districts are responsible for travel, hotel, and some meals (breakfasts and one dinner). Participants who choose to bring a car will encounter parking fees as well. (A car is not necessary and is discouraged.)

While there are a variety of housing options close by, we have negotiated an excellent rate at the Hampton Inn Downtown Providence of $116/night, which includes a hot breakfast buffet. The hotel also provides air/train/bus pickup for $10. It is a 3-minute walk to the meeting site. Districts make their own lodging and travel accommodations. More logistical information will be provided upon acceptance.

Can a district send more than one applicant?


How will my district benefit?

Participants will return to their sending districts capable of conducting in-house professional development on how Choices curriculum units and other material can be used to address Common Core standards and historical thinking skills. Participants will also be capable of demonstrating the Choices approach for teaching about contested international issues.

A one-time preferential quote for additional materials for the sending district will be provided to interested districts.

How is this training different than the Choices leadership institutes in the summer?

There are two important distinctions. In the summer leadership institutes, there is a strong requirement that participants conduct outreach and professional development on behalf of Choices. In this Common Core training, participants are responsible only to their sending districts. In addition, the summer leadership institutes include significant content information on a specific international topic or topics. In this Common Core training, while there are a few content lectures by Brown faculty members, the emphasis is on pedagogy and ways to use Choices material to address Common Core.

What is a typical day like?

See our draft schedule here.

I still have questions.

Please email Mimi Stephens, Choices Professional Development Director, with any questions.