Social Studies Excellence: The Choices Approach

Social Studies Excellence: The Choices Approach is a self-paced, noncredit learning module designed to introduce educators to the Choices approach and resources for teaching about contested international issues.

Who should use the Online Learning Module?

Social Studies Supervisors

Use with your staff, either in a district professional development setting or as a self-paced module.

Methods Professors

Incorporate the entire module or individual units into your syllabus.

Individual Teachers

Use the module to meet your own professional goals.

The Learning Module's six self-contained units are:

  1. The Social Studies Teaching Profession
  2. An Introduction to the Choices Program and its Resources
  3. A Student-centered Approach to Teaching Current Issues
  4. Historical Inquiry and Historical Turning Points
  5. Adaptations and a Life Long Professional Development Plan
  6. Choices and the Geography Classroom

Complete just one unit, or all six.

There is no cost to using the Learning Module. Browsing is welcome and encouraged! Simply visit the site to get started.