Freedom Now: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi traces the history of the black freedom struggle from Reconstruction through the 1960s. Readings and activities focus on the grass-roots movement to achieve civil rights for African Americans.

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Freedom Now: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi

Charles E. Cobb, Jr.
Brown University

Françoise Hamlin
Brown University

John Lewis
John Lewis
U.S. House of Representatives (D-GA)

Judy Richardson
Judy Richardson
Brown University

Ekwueme Michael Thelwell
Brown University

Michael Vorenberg Brown University

Introduction: The Struggle for Freedom

What was the civil rights movement? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 4:07]

Part I: The Meaning of Freedom

The Civil War and Reconstruction

Was the American Civil War a war over slavery? [Michael Vorenberg - 1:53]

What role did black slaves play in the American Civil War? [Michael Vorenberg - 3:12]

What was the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution? [Michael Vorenberg - 1:29]

What were the limitations of the Thirteenth Amendment? [Michael Vorenberg - 2:25]

Why did the federal government “reconstruct” the South? [Michael Vorenberg - 2:39]

How did Reconstruction transform black life in the South? [Michael Vorenberg - 3:37]

How did whites in the South resist Reconstruction? [Michael Vorenberg - 3:46]

Why did the federal government eventually abandon Reconstruction? [Michael Vorenberg - 3:35]

Jim Crow Mississippi

In what ways was black life under Jim Crow similar to life under slavery? [Michael Vorenberg - 2:21]

What was life like for black people in the South under Jim Crow? [Françoise Hamlin - 1:56]

What was it like growing up in Alabama under Jim Crow? [Representative John Lewis - 1:55]

Living with Jim Crow

How did black Southerners resist Jim Crow? [Françoise Hamlin - 2:07]

Part II: The Freedom Movement

The Beginning of Change

Why did black activism begin to be more successful in the 1950s? [Françoise Hamlin - 3:11]

What were the Brown v. Board of Education cases? [Françoise Hamlin - 2:52]

How did white Southerners resist black activism? [Françoise Hamlin - 3:16]

Who was Emmett Till? [Françoise Hamlin - 1:58]

Why was the murder of Emmett Till important? [Françoise Hamlin - 1:55]

A New Kind of Movement

How and why did you first become involved in the civil rights movement? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 2:13]

Who was Ella Baker? [Judy Richardson - 2:01]

How did SNCC differ from older black political organizations? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 3:25]

How did the movement that arose in the 1960s differ from earlier black activism? [Françoise Hamlin - 2:50]

What role did women play in SNCC? [Judy Richardson - 2:03]

Why was SNCC an effective organization? [Ekwueme Michael Thelwell - 1:44]

The Student Movement Comes to Mississippi

What role did nonviolence play in the movement? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 5:15]

What role did nonviolence play in the movement? [Representative John Lewis – 3:26]

What was it like to participate in the Freedom Rides? [Representative John Lewis – 4:29]

Why did SNCC decide to focus on voter registration in Mississippi? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 6:04]

How did SNCC workers go about organizing small communities in Mississippi? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 4:49]

What kind of hostility did you encounter in Mississippi? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 4:27]

How did the use of violence by Southern whites change in the 1960s? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 3:40]

How did black people in Mississippi live with the threat of violence? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 2:37]

What was your daily work like in small communities in the South? [Judy Richardson - 3:03]

Were you ever afraid for your safety? [Judy Richardson - 3:39]

Mississippi Heats Up

What was the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project? [Representative John Lewis - 3:13]

Why did SNCC debate whether to bring white college students down for Freedom Summer? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 5:07]

What did you discover about local communities in the Mississippi Delta? [Ekwueme Michael Thelwell - 2:34]

Why did you criticize the proposed civil rights legislation at the March on Washington? [Representative John Lewis - 2:15]

What were the freedom schools? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 4:23]

1964: The Atlantic City Democratic National Convention

How and why was the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party formed? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 6:22]

What was the MFDP challenge at the 1964 Democratic National Convention? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 3:22]

Epilogue: The Struggle Continues

Why didn’t the MFDP accept the Democratic Party’s compromise? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 4:08]

How did the MFDP challenge change American politics? [Charles E. Cobb, Jr. - 2:29]

The Voting Rights Act

How did the civil rights movement change in the late 1960s? [Françoise Hamlin - 3:37]

What caused SNCC to fall apart in your opinion? [Judy Richardson - 2:57]

What was black power? [Françoise Hamlin - 2:00]

Who was Stokely Carmichael? [Ekwueme Michael Thelwell - 1:51]

Civil Rights Today

What were the major accomplishments of the civil rights movement and what challenges remain? [Françoise Hamlin - 3:13]

What did the civil rights movement accomplish? [Representative John Lewis - 4:07]

How successful was the civil rights movement? [Ekwueme Michael Thelwell - 3:29]

How integrated is American society today? [Ekwueme Michael Thelwell - 1:20]