The curriculum Freedom in Our Lifetime: South Africa's Struggle explores the history of South Africa, the development of a race-based society, and the decision by some members of the anti-apartheid movement to use violence to oppose the government's policies.

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Freedom in Our Lifetime: South Africa's Struggle


Newell Stultz
Newell Stultz
Brown University

Jeff Guy
Jeff Guy
University of KwaZulu-Natal

Fatima Meer
Fatima Meer
University of KwaZulu-Natal

Fatima Meer
William Freund
University of KwaZulu-Natal

Fatima Meer
Dennis Davis
High Court of South Africa

Introduction: A Negotiated Revolution

What were the main racial categories in South Africa? [Newell Stultz - 1:58]

Part I: Precolonial and Colonial South Africa

Who lived in South Africa before the Dutch arrived? [Jeff Guy - 2:23]

The Arrival of Outsiders

Who are the Afrikaners? [Newell Stultz - 1:43]

How did white colonization affect African societies? [Jeff Guy - 1:13]

How did Africans respond to white colonization? [Jeff Guy - 1:41]

What were the different ways Africans resisted colonization? [Jeff Guy - 2:54]

What are the different interpretations of the Mfecane? [Jeff Guy - 3:09]

What happened at the Battle of Blood River? [Jeff Guy - 3:43]

How was the Battle of Blood River significant during apartheid? [Jeff Guy - 0:54]

How did Indian people come to South Africa? [William Freund - 1:01]

What was life like for Indian indentured servants? [William Freund - 1:17]

The Mineral Revolution

How did the discovery of diamonds and gold affect South Africa? [Jeff Guy - 2:17]

What was the migrant labor system? [Jeff Guy - 2:22]

How did the migrant labor system develop? [William Freund - 3:51]

How did the migrant labor system change how Africans lived? [Jeff Guy - 2:31]

Where did migrant workers come from? [William Freund - 1:14]

What was the role of Africans in the Anglo-Boer War? [Jeff Guy - 2:21]

How was the Union of South Africa formed? [Jeff Guy - 1:17]

Part II: Apartheid and its Opposition

What is the African National Congress? [Newell Stultz - 2:19]

What were passbooks? [William Freund - 1:38]

How did Indian workers in Natal Province oppose the government? [William Freund - 2:51]

The Rise of Apartheid

What are the origins of Afrikaner nationalism? [Newell Stultz - 2:31]

What were the economic reasons for apartheid? [William Freund - 2:14]

What was life like after the National Party came to power in 1948? [Fatima Meer - 1:53]

How was apartheid different from other systems of racial division? [Newell Stultz - 1:29]

How did apartheid affect the daily lives of Africans? [Fatima Meer - 1:36]

How was life for Indians different or similar to life for Africans under white rule? [Fatima Meer - 2:57]

How did apartheid keep people separate? [Newell Stultz - 2:43]

Why did the government restrict black settlement in the cities? [William Freund - 1:14]

Why did most whites in South Africa support the government? [Newell Stultz - 2:19]


In January 1949, there was an interracial conflict between Indians and Africans in Durban, South Africa. How did whites instigate violence between these two groups? [Fatima Meer - 2:22]

Why did you form the Durban and District Women's League? [Fatima Meer - 3:20]

What was the Federation of South African Women and why was it created? [Fatima Meer - 2:03]

How did some whites oppose apartheid? [Newell Stultz - 0:53]

Why did the government "ban" people? [Fatima Meer - 2:24]

What were the homelands? [Newell Stultz - 1:41]

Radicalism Grows

June 1961: The Moment of Decision

How did Sharpeville affect the anti-apartheid movement? [Newell Stultz - 2:20]

Epilogue: Becoming South Africa

What was the Rivonia Trial? [Fatima Meer - 1:11]


How did the Soweto uprising contribute to the end of apartheid? [Fatima Meer - 2:39]


How did international opinion help to end apartheid? [Newell Stultz - 1:06]

How did economic troubles weaken apartheid in the 1980s? [William Freund - 3:04]

What factors contributed to the end of apartheid? [Newell Stultz - 1:44]

What were your experiences in South Africa? [Newell Stultz - 1:46]

Post-Apartheid South Africa

What was the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)? [Newell Stultz - 1:57]

How was media used to involve the public in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission? [Dennis Davis - 1:28]

How does the new South African constitution reflect human rights issues? [Dennis Davis - 1:21]

How have things changed since the early 1990s? [Dennis Davis - 1:55]

How have things changed since the early 1990s? [Fatima Meer - 2:03]

How has the end of apartheid affected the economic situations of South Africans? [Newell Stultz - 1:00]

What challenges exist in South Africa today? [William Freund - 1:16]

What political and legal challenges exist in South Africa today? [Dennis Davis - 1:50]