The curriculum Responding to Terrorism: Challenges for Democracy helps students consider the issues surrounding the 9.11.01 attacks and the U.S. response to terrorism in a constructive context that promotes dialogue about future policy directions.

Videos for Readings: The videos below follow the outline of the printed curriculum unit. The headings correspond to the headings in the student readings.

Videos for Lessons accompany lessons in the teacher's guide of the printed curriculum unit.

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Responding to Terrorism: Challenges for Democracy


P. Terrence Hopmann
P. Terrence Hopmann
Watson Institute

Charles Tripp
Charles Tripp
University of London

Thomas Nichols
Thomas Nichols
US Naval War College

Joseph Cirincione
Joseph Cirincione
Ploughshores Fund

Jo-Anne Hart
Jo-Anne Hart
Middle East Negotiation Project

David Edwards
David B. Edwards
Williams College

Catherine Lutz
Catherine Lutz
Brown University

David Rohde
David Rohde

Robert Lee
Robert Lee
Brown University

Introduction: September 11, 2001

Part I: The Origins and Evolution of Terrorism

Can terrorists have legitimate demands? [Thomas Nichols - 2:03]

Terrorism Becomes More Visible

Terrorism Becomes More Deadly

What was the hostage crisis? [Jo-Anne Hart - 1:35]

How did the hostage crisis affect U.S. perceptions of Iran? [Jo-Anne Hart - 1:31]

How did the United States try to rescue the hostages? [Jo-Anne Hart - 2:05]

Part II: The Threat of Terrorism

Al Qaeda

What is the significance of the death of Osama bin Laden? [David Edwards - 3:51]

International Terrorism 

What are the dangers of nuclear weapons? [Joseph Cirincione - 1:50]

How difficult would it be for a terrorist to obtain a nuclear weapon? [Joseph Cirincione - 1:59]

Homegrown Terrorism

Part III: Responding to Terrorism

U.S. Policies Abroad

What motivated the Bush administration to invade Iraq? [Charles Tripp – 2:15]

How has the 2003 invasion of Iraq fueled terrorism? [P. Terrence Hopmann - 1:21]

What have been the largest costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? [Catherine Lutz - 3:15]*

*The statistics mentioned in this video are from late 2011.

Are drones effective? [David Rohde - 3:00]

Why are drones controversial? [David Rohde - 2:10]

Domestic Security

September 11 made people more wary of immigrants, particularly from Muslim countries. Are there other events from U.S. history that influenced public opinion about immigrants? [Robert Lee - 1:29]

Balancing Rights and Security

What are the arguments against the use of torture? [Michael Otterman - 2:41]

Why has the use of the term "torture" been controversial? [Michael Otterman - 1:09]