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The United States in Afghanistan

The United States in Afghanistan brings students into the policy debate about the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. Students begin by exploring Afghanistan’s culture and history, and then examine the events that led to the Soviet invasion, the arrival of Osama bin Laden, and the situation today.

Online Resources from the Choices Program

Graphic Organizers

Bring university scholars into your classroom as they discuss the history of Afghanistan and current U.S. policy in the region.

Includes seven maps that are used in the readings and lessons.

PowerPoint of Images
For use with the lesson "Looking at Afghanistan."

The Costs of War
In this lesson, students explore the human, economic, social, and political costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Web Links

The South Asia Channel
Contains a daily roundup of the latest developments in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Homeland Afghanistan
A rich, interactive website about the history and culture of Afghanistan.

Cost of War Project
A research project from the Watson Institute at Brown University that quantifies the costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

NPR Afghanistan Page
A database of news reports on Afghanistan, including audio recordings and radio clips.

National Security Archive: Afghanistan: Lessons from the Last War
Declassified U.S. and Soviet documents on the Soviet war in Afghanistan.


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