Supplemental Resources

China on the World Stage: Weighing the U.S. Response

China on the World Stage: Weighing the U.S. Response focuses attention on the United State's evolving relationship with the emerging East Asian giant. Students explore the history of Western relations with China and consider the global impact of China's economic growth, societal transformation, and increasing international involvement.

Online Resources from the Choices Program

Graphic Organizers

Powerpoint of Images
For use with the lesson “Looking at China.”

These graphs are to be used with the Day 2 activities.

Xu Wenli and the China Democracy Party
An activity incorporating videos in which Xu describes his time in prison and the democracy movement in China. It also includes suggestions and questions that teachers may adapt for use in their classrooms.

Looking at the Tank Man: The 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen
On June 4, 1989, government troops killed hundreds and injured thousands more in a crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China. In this free one-day lesson, students analyze an image from June 5, 1989 from multiple perspectives and consider the effect that censorship can have on the understanding of an event.

This short video is for use with the Optional Lesson—"Art and Politics: Ai Weiwei."

Primary Documents

Treaty of Amity and Commerce

Open Door Note

Three Joint-Communiques

Hu and Obama Speeches, 2009

Web Links

Columbia University's Asia for Educators

Council on Foreign Relations Timeline: U.S. Relations with China

PBS China from the Inside

The New York Times' China Page

ChinaFile - Asia Society


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