Supplemental Materials

Freedom Now: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi

Freedom Now: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi traces the history of the black freedom struggle from Reconstruction through the 1960s. Readings and activities focus on the grass-roots movement to achieve civil rights for African Americans.

Online Resources from the Choices Program

Graphic Organizers

Powerpoint Map of Mississippi

Videos featuring experts—professors, policy makers, journalists, activists, and artists—answering questions that complement the readings and lessons.

Online Lessons

Oral Histories: Students in the Civil Rights Movement


Freedom Songs used in the lesson “Singing for Freedom”

Hallelujah I’m A-Traveling

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ’Round

Buses Are A-Comin’

Calypso Freedom
Audio for the song is available in the player on the left. The song begins at 1:09

Civil Rights Videos

Click on 'Playlist' at the bottom of the video player to view a selection of speeches, interviews, and documentary clips from the civil rights movement.

John F. Kennedy speaking with Governor Ross Barnett on integrating Mississippi

Lyndon Johnson Voting Rights speech

Web Links

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History: The Civil Rights Movement
Provides primary source documents and multimedia accounts of the national civil rights movement. Click on the “Freedom Riders” tab under “Interactive Features” for an in-depth look at the Freedom Rides of the early 1960s.

PBS: The American Experience: Freedom Riders
Provides short clips and a full-length film detailing the history and individuals involved with the Freedom Rider movement.

PBS: Freedom Summer
View selected clips from "Freedom Summer," on American Experience PBS.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute: Student Resources/Study Guides
Provides an encyclopedia of key figures and terms from the civil rights movement. Also provides letters, sermons, and speeches written by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum: Integrating Ole Miss
Provides information and primary source documents related to the admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi in 1962.

The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries: Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive
Provides access to historical manuscripts, photographs, and oral histories from the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum: About LBJ
Provides films and essays describing LBJ’s time in office.


Cobb, Charles. On the Road to Freedom: A Guided Tour of the Civil Rights Trail (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Algonquin Books, 2007) 388 pages.

Crespino, Joseph. In Search of Another Country: Mississippi and the Conservative Counterrevolution (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press) 360 pages.

Dittmer, John. Local People: Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi (Urbana and Chicago, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1995) 560 pages.

Holsaert, Faith S., and Noonan, Martha Prescod Norman, and Richardson, Judy, and Robinson, Betty Garman, and Young, Jean Smith, and Zellner, Dorothy M., eds. Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts by Women in SNCC (Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2010) 656 pages.

Payne, Charles M. I’ve Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1997) 506 pages.