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Teaching with the News

Lesson: Kashmir Then and Now

This lesson has been developed to accompany India: Conflicts Within, a project of the Pulitzer Center.

Objectives—Students will:


"Kashmir, The Origins of the Dispute"
BBC News, by Victoria Schofield

Handout: Kashmir, The Origins of the Dispute

"Kashmir Activists Don't See Guns as the Answer"
The Washington Times, by Jason Motlagh

Map of India, Pakistan and Kashmir

"Kashmir's Uneasy Peace"
Video reported by Jason Motlagh

Video Worksheet: Perspectives


Students should read "Kashmir, The Origins of the Dispute" and answer the questions on the handout.

In the Classroom

Questions noted with a * below can be answered directly on the India: Conflicts Within website.

Gathering Information

Break the students into groups of three. Distribute "Kashmir Activists Don't See Guns as the Answer" to each student. Give each group one copy of the Map of India, Pakistan and Kashmir.

Making Connections

Review findings as a whole class.

Considering Perspectives

Show "Kashmir's Uneasy Peace" to the class. Using the video worksheet, Perspectives, have students identify each speaker and his/her perspective on events in Kashmir.

Extra Challenge

Ask students to imagine how these stories might have been reported by an Indian, Kashmiri, or Pakistani journalist. How might their perspective affect their reporting? Ask them to rewrite the opening paragraph of one or more of the stories they have read or heard to reflect one of those perspectives.


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