Madeline Campbell

Roger Williams University

How does the United Nations deal with refugee crises?
How has U.S. policy toward Iraqi refugees changed throughout the war?
What is life like for internally displaced people in Iraq?
What is life like for Iraqi refugees in neighboring Middle Eastern countries?
Where did Iraqi refugees go?
What groups of people were most affected by the refugee crisis?
Why did many Iraqis become refugees after the 2003 invasion?
Who are you and what do you do?
Why did many refugees leave Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s rule?
A Global Controversy: The U.S. Invasion of Iraq
Why should high school students care about Iraqi refugees?
What have your experiences been like working with and talking to Iraqi refugees?
What has been the attitude of the U.S. public toward Iraqi refugees?
How does an Iraqi get asylum in the United States?
What is life like for Iraqi refugees in the United States?
What are refugees and internally displaced persons?
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