Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo 

Brown University

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo is a Cuban fiction writer, blogger and photojournalist. Born in Havana in 1971, he graduated as a molecular biologist from Havana University and the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in 1994.

Pardo Lazo came into conflict with the Cuban government in 2009 when he attempted to publish his short story collection, Boring Home, which was censored by the Letras Cubanas publishing house. Since the book’s publication by Garamond (Prague) and El Nacional (Caracas), he has not been permitted to publish, study, or work in Cuba. He was arrested on three occasions, harassed, and prevented from leaving the island by Castro’s secret police. Finally allowed to leave Cuba, he entered the United States, where he was a guest writer of the City of Asylum Project site in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pardo Lazo has continued his literary and political activities since his arrival in the United States.

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Who are you and what do you do?
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How have U.S.-Cuba relations changed over time and what are they like today?
Is there freedom of the press in Cuba today?
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