This short film produced by Koji Masutani ’05 in collaboration with James Blight and janet Lang is part of a research effort called The Armageddon Letters. This multimedia project, based at the University of Waterloo, focuses on the most dangerous moment of the Cold War: the Cuban Missile Crisis. The project website when it is launched in mid-September will have a series of short films that explore this critical event.

Blight and Lang did groundbreaking work on the missile crisis while at Brown’s Watson Institute for International Studies. With the fiftieth anniversary approaching in October, Blight and Lang are focussing on the lessons in political psychology that transcend the the Cold War and relate to the role of international leaders and nuclear weapons.

The Choices Program recently released a version of its curriculum materials on the missile crisis for the Ipad. The interactive Ibook contains text, images, maps, and more than twenty short video clips of scholars explaining the importance of the events. Ultimately the materials challenge students to consider the question: Why are the lessons of the missile crisis relevant today?

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