The Public Domain Review is a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation and features resources that are free and available to the public. Known for highlighting “the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works,” the Review may provide a set of images or old texts that will intrigue your students and get their creative juices flowing as they think about history. You can explore the site by topic (literature, science, history, etc.) or by medium (text, images, video, and audio). Within a few minutes of clicking around, I was able to find images from the first expedition to the South Pole, illustrations of The Odyssey, a collection of rare world  maps, and excerpts from Phillis Wheatley’s writings. The other great thing about this resource is that it constantly changes–contributors add to the site as other pieces of history outlive their copyright date.

Review the site before using with students as some resources may not be appropriate for class!

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