Looking for a concise and accessible way to introduce the ideas of tariffs and protectionism into your classroom? These two very short videos produced by the Choices Program of Professor Mark Blyth provide brief and usable definitions that can be used as a springboard into a broader discussion about President Trump’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Choices also has a full curriculum unit for teachers wanting to delve deeper into the topic of trade with there students. Do tariffs work? What impact will they have on the U.S. economy? Will they bring back U.S. jobs? International Trade in a Globalized World  helps students understand the basics of international trade and consider its role in this era of globalization.

What is a tariff?

What is an example of protectionism?

International Trade in a Globalized World prepares students to consider fundamental questions about the role of U.S. policy in the global economy. What economic policy choices will strengthen the national and global economies? What values, beliefs, and interests should form the bases for these economic policy choices?

This curriculum includes student readings, suggested lesson plans, an Options Role Play, and activities that help students synthesize and apply new knowledge.

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