Introductory Webinar

Trends in U.S.-Russia Relations

7:00 pm — 8:30 pm

Join Choices and DACOR for an engaging webinar that will take a look at the ongoing relationship between Russia and the United States. The provided reading and panelists will address these broad questions:

1. Russia and the United States are often portrayed — especially in recent years — as antagonists and competitors. Are there, however, issues of common agreement that allow for collaboration and cooperation?

2. As more and more countries that were formerly members of the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence join NATO and other Western European alliances, Russia’s sense of isolation deepens. How might the United States address Russia’s belief that an expanding NATO is intended solely to thwart Russia’s foreign policy interests?

3. Are the national interests of Russia and the United States so mutually exclusive that the two countries are destined to have a highly competitive relationship for the foreseeable future?

The webinar will consider foreign policy and national interests and what the future may hold for these two nations. The discussion will draw from the Choices Program’s Russia and the United States curriculum unit and offer tools and tips for implementing the material in a variety of classes. 

The event will include a panel discussion with Anatol Lieven, Eurasia Program Director at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft; Viola Gienger, Washington Senior Editor for “Just Security”; and Ian Kelly, former U.S. Ambassador to Georgia and currently the ambassador-in-residence at Northwestern University. There will be time for questions from participants. The webinar will be facilitated by Mimi Stephens, Tom Brannan, and Daniel Stoll.

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Register $20Per Person
President Obama leans in close to speak something in Vladimir Putin's ear with other officials in the background.

Participants will receive a one-year Digital Editions license to the Choices Program’s Russia and the United States curriculum unit, along with additional background readings. Following participation in the webinar, the $20 registration fee will be refunded. 


This webinar is open to all. It is most appropriate for educators teaching History, Current Issues, International Relations, Foreign Policy, or Russian Studies courses.

Headshot of Mimi Stephens

Mimi Stephens

Choices Director of Sales and Professional Development
Mimi is the Director of Professional Development for the Choices Program. Prior to joining the Choices Program in 2011, Mimi worked at Clark University where she served as the Director of the Teacher Center for Global Studies supporting K12 social studies teachers throughout Massachusetts for more than 20 years. Mimi holds a Masters in International Development and Social Change from Clark University.
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