Fast Facts:

  • Choices curriculum units are available in four formats: Digital Editions, Print, Deluxe (Print and Digital Editions combo), and PDF. The content is the same across all formats.
  • The only format appropriate for posting online is Digital Editions.
  • All curriculum units are licensed for single teacher use.

Digital Editions Pricing

Digital Editions for Sites and Districts

Schools or districts interested in a SITE LICENSE for series or individual curriculum units must contact us for a quote. Site pricing is based on total site enrollment, not course enrollment. Site and district licenses may be used by multiple teachers.

Digital Editions for Individual Teachers

Pricing for an individual teacher license is below. As noted above, contact us for site or district pricing.

2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
Complete Series (35 units) $1,225 $1,745 $2,250 $2,600
Current Issues Series (19 units) $725 $1,035 $1,310 $1,545
Geography Series (17 units) $650 $925 $1,170 $1,380
World History Series (15 units) $575 $820 $1,035 $1,220
U.S. History Series (13 units) $460 $655 $825 $975
Individual Unit (see all titles) $45 $64 $83.50 $100

Print, Deluxe, and PDF Pricing

Individual Curriculum Unit Pricing

A curriculum unit is one Student Text and one Teacher Resource Book. 

Print or PDF Curriculum Unit: $41
One reproducible Student Text and one Teacher Resource Book. Print and PDF units are licensed for single-teacher use and may NOT be posted online.

Deluxe Curriculum Unit: $69.50
One reproducible Student Text and one Teacher Resource Book, as well as a two-year license to the Digital Editions of the unit, all licensed for single-teacher use.

Additional Print Student Texts (Print Classroom Sets): $18 per Student Text
A minimum order of 10 Student Texts is required when ordering a title. A Teacher Resource Book will be included free of charge for each order of at least 10 Student Texts.

Series Pricing

Purchase a Choices Curriculum Series and save 15%-20%! Each Print, Deluxe, or PDF curriculum unit within a Series is licensed for single-teacher use only.  

Print Deluxe* PDF
Complete Series (35 units) $1,125 $2025  $1,125
Shipping & Handling   $135 $135 $10
Current Issues Series (19 units) $665 $1200 $665
Shipping & Handling   $79.80 $79.80 $10
Geography Series (17 units) $595 $1070 $595
Shipping & Handling   $71.40 $71.40 $10
World History Series (15 units) $525 $945 $525
Shipping & Handling   $63 $63 $10
U.S. History Series (13 units) $420 $755 $420
Shipping & Handling   $50.40 $50.40 $10


* The deluxe format is one print curriculum unit and a two-year Digital Editions license for an individual teacher.

Order with a Credit Card

Visit our Curriculum Catalog to place an order online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

Order with a P.O. or Check

Complete the order form and return it to us with a copy of your signed purchase order or a check payable to “Brown University – Choices Program.”

Shipping and Handling

For all print orders, add 12% shipping and handling. For all PDFs that are shipped, add $10 shipping and handling.

Sole Source Provider

The Choices Program is the Sole Source Provider for Choices Program Digital Editions and series curriculum resources.

Copyright Information

The Choices Program curriculum units and website are copyrighted. Print and PDF formats are for single-teacher use only and may not be posted online. 

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