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Young People Take Action on Climate Change

“Coming here today, I have no hidden agenda. I am fighting for my future. Losing my future is not like losing an election or a few points on the stock market. I am here to speak for all generations to come. I am here to speak on behalf of the starving children around the world […]

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Making the Most of iBook’s Features in the Classroom

Jo Fisher

By Felicia Ostrom, Choices Teaching Fellow I love the Choices approach to teaching historical and current events, and I am so excited about the new iBooks format.  Whether you are a 1:1 iPad school, are working out of a cart of iPads, or just have a handful to use in your classroom, there are so many […]

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iPads as Collaborative Student Tools


The classroom is a dynamic space, and iPads can be powerful tools for students to interact with one another. In this video from EdTechTeacher,  Greg Kulowiec shares six ways that students can use iPads to collaborate on projects. See his post on Edudemic for a breakdown of each way. In every Choices curriculum unit students work in […]

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Technology Integration in the Classroom


Edutopia recently put together a short video of why the integration of technology in the classroom is so vital. Over the past several years we’ve been integrating more and more technology into our curriculum units and our Teaching with the News lessons. With Scholars Online Videos you can bring university scholars and policy experts into your […]

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