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Pursuing Happiness: Whose American Revolution?

Danielle Johnstone

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are the words that established an independent United States. It is these values that many continue to point to as essential to the nature of the country—the promise of existence as human, the assurance of freedom from tyranny, the right to pursue wellness. They are supreme ideals, a […]

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A Changing Cuba

Since December 17, 2014, when Raúl Castro and Barack Obama announced that the U.S. and Cuba would normalize relations after over fifty years without any diplomatic ties, Cuba has dominated U.S. headlines. Some people see this historic shift as the latest in a series of short, dramatic periods of change that characterize Cuban history—starting with […]

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Teaching Critical Reading and Persuasive Writing Skills with Choices’ French Revolution and Haitian Revolution units

Jo Fisher

By guest blogger Amy Howland, Academy of the Pacific Rim teacher and Choices Teaching Fellow I work at the Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School in Hyde Park, MA.  Our school is small, with just around 200 students in grades 9-12.  Most of our students will become the first to attend college in their […]

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Keep Your Eyes on Yemen and Syria

Andy Blackadar

While the media focuses on Libya, events in Yemen and Syria also deserve our attention. I think that the scale of the protests there suggest that change is coming soon. Al Jazeera English is giving it good coverage.

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