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Teaching with the News

The Candidates and Their Values: Election 2016

Students assess how their own values and beliefs align with those of the candidates and discuss the potential impact of the upcoming election.

First edition

Brazil: A History of Change

Students examine the surprising and often overlooked history of how Brazil became a unique, dynamic country with an important history.

US Role
Introductory Workshops

Engaging Students in International Issues: The Choices Approach

Our workshops are designed to introduce teachers to Choices curriculum units and our approach to teaching current and historical international issues.

New Edition

Confronting Genocide: Never Again?

Through case studies and primary sources, students trace the international community's response to genocide and consider how to respond in the future.

Teaching with the News

Resource Guide on the Orlando Nightclub Shooting

We have compiled an annotated list of suggestions for various classroom approaches to discussing the many dimensions of this tragedy with students.

American Revolution

The American Revolution: Experiences of Rebellion

Students consider the complex factors that led to rebellion, war, and, ultimately, the independence of the United States.


Responding to Terrorism: Challenges for Democracy

Students use readings and primary sources to prepare for a debate in the U.S. Senate on the response to terrorism.


China on the World Stage: Weighing the U.S. Response

Students explore the history of Western relations with China and consider the global impact of China's economic growth, societal transformation, and increasing international involvement.

Black Lives Matter: Continuing the Civil Rights Movement
Teaching with the News Lesson

Black Lives Matter: Continuing the Civil Rights Movement

Students review a timeline of black activism in the United States from the 1950s to today and identify core themes of the civil rights and Black Lives Matter movements.

middle east
new edition

The Middle East in Transition: Questions for U.S. Policy

Students analyze the mix of U.S. interests and values at play and explore the rise of ISIS, the history of Iran's nuclear program, and other issues that shape U.S. ties to the Middle East.

Refugee Stories: Mapping a Crisis
Teaching with the News Lesson

Refugee Stories: Mapping a Crisis

Students gain an understanding of the current refugee crisis by mapping data and exploring personal accounts of refugees.

US Role

The U.S. Role in a Changing World

Students reflect on global changes, assess national priorities, and decide for themselves the role the United States should play in the world today.


Between Two Worlds: Mexico at the Crossroads

Students are asked to see the world from the perspective of Mexican citizens and to consider current issues Mexico faces.

New Curriculum

Climate Change and Questions of Justice

Students explore the causes and effects of global warming and delve into questions of who is most responsible for and vulnerable to the changing climate.