Congratulations on your purchase of a U.S. History Series from the Choices Program! This section of our website is designed to support your efforts to implement the series in your school or district. If you need additional support, please contact or 401-863-3155. 

U.S. History Series Overview 

The Miro board, an online bulletin board, found here features our U.S. History Series. The brief video below provides an overview of how to use the board to learn more about what this series covers. There is a navigation panel in the lower right corner of the board that allows you to zoom in/out or pan around. There is also a table of contents available if you click on the >> icon and select Frames in the lower left corner of the Miro board.

You can also read more about the curriculum units in the U.S. History Series by visiting each unit’s webpage.

Implementing the U.S. History Series: Guidance for School Leaders

We encourage you to download this guidebook and share it with your staff members.

Choices and the Teaching Hard History Framework on Slavery

The Choices Program recently partnered with Kate Shuster, the director of the Teaching Hard History (THH) Project, to document how selected units in the Choices U.S. History Series align with the Teaching Hard History Framework on American Slavery. We encourage you to become familiar with the key concepts and summary objectives found in the framework, and then read the THH director’s comments on how selected Choices U.S. History units fit the framework. Check out the videos below for interesting discussions between Kate and Choices writing staff members about how Choices units can support your teaching of the framework.

How does the Choices Program’s Racial Slavey in the Americas: Resistance, Freedom, and Legacies unit align with the THH framework?

How does the Choices Program’s The Civil War and the Meaning of Liberty unit align with the THH framework?

How does the Choices Program’s Westward Expansion: A New History unit align with THH framework?

Video collection: How Historians Do Their Work

We invite you to share our YouTube playlist How Historians Do Their Work with your students to help them understand how historians analyze diverse sources and “do” history.

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