Why should you attend a Choices professional development webinar or workshop?

You’ve heard the buzz about the Choices Program curriculum. Now check out our professional development workshops and webinars! Experience a hands-on, engaging time of learning built around Choices award-winning curriculum. You’ll leave with a complete grounding of the Choices approach for addressing controversial issues, Choices curriculum, and a wealth of ideas to implement immediately in your classroom. You can also contact Mimi_Stephens@brown.edu to Bring Choices to Your District.

“I attended a Choices workshop that was outstanding. I really appreciate it when you leave professional development and can immediately put the training to practical use. We did a Middle East role play, and it was one of the most engaging activities I have done at a training. I cannot imagine a teacher not being sold on Choices.” – Erin Hall, U.S. History and Global Issues Teacher, Professional Development Specialist

1. Choices workshops walk you through the Choices approach to addressing controversial issues, from analyzing multiple perspectives on current immigration policy to understanding slavery in the past. You’ll go home with the tools, ideas, and curriculum needed to support your students in “talking across differences.”

“Excellent workshop! Truly transformative PD!” – John Fiore, Reading, MA

2. Choices programs are interactive. We DO Choices. No sitting back and listening to a lecture about how great our materials are. You’ll experience Choices materials, and you can decide for yourself the power of Choices methodology and approach.

“Oh, how I wish we could return for another shot at a summer session!  That was the best professional learning opportunity EVER!” – Deb Springhorn, Kimbell Union Academy, NH

3. Choices workshops are led by experienced educators. Do you like attending PD led by sales people with no education background? Neither do we. Workshops are led by experienced educators who have years of experience using Choices materials.

“Mimi was an outstanding presenter, incredibly knowledgeable and personable.” – Singapore workshop participant

4. Choices programs are known for being informal yet professional. Our workshops offer the chance to be part of a small learning community for a day. We guarantee you’ll learn a lot AND have fun. We treat you as the professionals you are—coffee, lunch, and door prizes included!

“Thank you again for a great session. One of the best PD experiences I have had in years. Loved being among the history teachers thinking and doing history together.” – Connie Blunden, Greenwich Academy, CT

5. Choices workshops give you a window into the SKILLS your students will build when they use Choices materials. You’ll experience engaging lessons that build historical thinking, visual literacy, and speaking and listening skills. You’ll also practice building and articulating persuasive arguments. Not bad for one day!

“Thanks for reinforcing my belief that Choices materials are among the very best available. You really make it look easy to lead a class using them! I’m looking forward to using the units we worked with this upcoming year. It truly was a valuable experience and day well spent.” – Mike O., Wilton, CT

6. Choices programs are an investment in YOU. Teaching can be hard and exhausting. Why not invest in yourself, and join us?!

“Choices on-site training for our teachers was engaging and powerful, and asked our teachers to be thoughtful about their teaching. It gave the teachers real life examples on how the materials could be used in the classroom.” – Adam Ladage, Auburn, WA, School District

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