Congratulations on your purchase of a Current Issues Series from the Choices Program! This section of our website is designed to support your efforts to implement the series in your school or district. If you need additional support, please contact or 401-863-3155.

Current Issues Series Overview

This Miro Board, an online bulletin board, provides 1) a quick way to view the entire Current Issues Series, and 2) a brief overview of each unit in the Current Issues Series. All the units in the series are featured in the blue box at the top of the board. The other boxes highlight how the units from this series can be used in a variety of courses. There is a navigation panel in the lower right corner of the board that allows you to zoom in/out or pan around. There is also a table of contents available if you click on the >> icon and select Frames in the lower left corner of the Miro board.

You can also read more about the curriculum units in the Current Issues Series by visiting each unit’s webpage.

Implementing the Current Issues Series: Guidance for School Leaders

We encourage you to download this guidebook and share it with your staff members. For tips on utilizing the Options Role Play, check out this instructional video.

Sample Syllabi

If you would like to see how other teachers have utilized curriculum units from the Choices Program’s Current Issues Series in their courses, click on the course titles below to review their syllabi. If you teach a course that draws heavily on the Choices Current Issues Series, we invite you to send your syllabus to so that we might post it.

Choices in the Global Perspective

Modern Global Issues

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