The following units are currently in the research and development stage at the Choices Program. Look for announcements on our website, newsletter, and social media regarding availability!

The Vietnam War (title to be determined)

This curriculum unit will examine the history of the Vietnam War, introducing students to the war’s origins, its effects on Vietnam and the United States, and its long-term legacies. Students will explore a wide range of Vietnamese and American primary sources, learn about the war’s global context in the era of decolonization and Cold War power struggles, and reflect on the historical memory of the war within Vietnam and the United States.

Civics Lessons for Student Engagement

This collection of curated lessons from the Choices curriculum series will provide teachers with stand-alone activities that have a special focus on civic education. The lessons help students explore the founding documents, important Supreme Court cases, and key congressional debates. Students consider their historical relevance, but also consider their importance today. The lessons not only help students understand the functions and basis of government, but also encourage them to evaluate and develop their own roles as citizen participants in the democratic process.

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