The following units are currently in the research and development stage or being revised at the Choices Program. Look for announcements regarding availability via our website, newsletter, and social media!

Weimar Germany, the Golden Twenties, and the Fragility of Democracy (final title to be determined)

This new curriculum unit will examine the dynamic, complex history of the Weimar era, introducing students to the creation of the first democratic republic in Germany, its social, cultural, and political effects on Europe and the world, and the advent of totalitarianism and the racist Nazi regime. Reading and activities will help students understand the political, economic, and social pressures of the time. The unit explores concepts such as anti-Semitism, modernism, and fascism with particular emphasis on individual experiences, art, historical memory, and the history of place.

The Haitian Revolution

This forthcoming revision (fourth edition) will include three new lessons, new video content, and updates to the readings. The materials help students explore the critical importance of the Haitian Revolution in world history.

The United States and Afghanistan

This revision (third edition) incorporates the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 and helps students assess the effects of the past twenty years on the people of Afghanistan and the implications for U.S. policy. The revision includes new lessons, revised study guides, and major updates to the student readings.

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