Looking for an old or retired unit?

In addition to our regular updating and revamping of materials, in 2018, the Choices Program retired a number of curriculum units that utilized outdated scholarship or pedagogy. Where did those units go?

The content that was included in some of these units was updated and re-released in new units. For example, much of the content in the retired A More Perfect Union: American Independence and the Constitution was updated and re-released in two other units: The American Revolution: Experiences of Rebellion and A New Nation. These new units cover these eras in greater depth and reflect new historical interpretations.

The Challenge to the New Republic: The War of 1812 was retired and replaced with content in A New Nation

Some content that was originally in the retired Conflict on the Korean Peninsula: North Korea and the Nuclear Threat has been updated and can now be found in The Challenge of Nuclear Weapons and The U.S. Role in a Changing World.

Beyond Manifest Destiny: America Enters the Age of Imperialism has been replaced with Imperial America: U.S. Global Expansion, 1890-1915, which includes updated historiography and a new Perspectives activity in place of the role play. A Forgotten History: The Slave Trade and Slavery in New England will be re-released at a later date under a modified title, A Forgotten History: Slavery and Emancipation in New England.

In 2021, we began development on a new unit that will cover content in the retired unit The Limits of Power: The United States in Vietnam. 

At some point, we are also planning to replace the content from the retired unit The Origins of the Cold War: U.S. Choices After World War II and to develop new curriculum on the Great Depression and World War II.

Other units will remain on our retired list for the foreseeable future, including Weimar Germany and the Rise of Hitler; Ending the War Against Japan: Science, Morality, and the Atomic Bomb; and To End All Wars: World War I and the League of Nations Debate, though some content from these units will likely appear in other units to come.

A few other units have also been revised and renamed in the past several years. These include Colonialism in the Congo: Conquest, Conflict, and Commerce, which has been replaced with Colonization and Independence in Africa and now includes case studies on Ghana, Algeria, and Kenya as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Global Environmental Problems: Implications for U.S. Policy, which has been replaced with Climate Change and Questions of Justice; and Iran Through the Looking Glass: History, Reform, and Revolution, which is now The Iranian Revolution.

We encourage you to look at the date of publication of any Choices units that you have. If it is more than five years old, chances are there is an updated edition for you to use with your students.

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