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History and Current Issues Curriculum for the Classroom
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Climate Change and Questions of Justice

Students examine the causes and effects of global warming and delve into questions of who is most responsible for and vulnerable to the changing climate. Students also grapple with how to respond to climate change in ways that are both effective and fair.

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Teaching with the News

Seeking Asylum in the United States

Students will review a timeline of major laws and policies related to asylum in the United States and learn to understand the process for applying for asylum in the U.S.

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Video Series on Iran

What are some misunderstandings that people in the U.S. have about Iran?

Explore Islamophobia, the roles of women, the oil industry, media and social media, the Green Movement, and more.

Videos featuring Johns Hopkins University anthropologist Narges Bajoghli address life and politics in Iran as well as the views of Iranians and Americans about each other’s countries.

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