The Choices Program offers introductory workshops on site.

What does a typical Choices workshop look like?

Workshops provide an overview of the Choices approach and philosophy, and suggest strategies for successfully implementing Choices resources in the classroom. Choices workshops are engaging and interactive and are designed to allow participants to experience the power of the Choices options role play, which is at the heart of each Choices unit.

For any Choices professional development workshop, we recommend a minimum of 15 teachers.

What if we don’t have 15 teachers for whom this is relevant?

You can sponsor a workshop at your school/district and provide seats to others in your area for a fee. We are happy to assist you.

Talk to us; we can help you plan!

Please contact Mimi Stephens, Professional Development Director,  at for more information. It is helpful, although not necessary, to include the titles you would like the training to be built around and some possible dates for the training.

We look forward to working with you.

Introductory Workshop Rates

Full Day | $2,800 plus Materials and Travel

Half Day (3 hours)  | $1,700 plus Materials and Travel

90 Minutes or Less | $950 plus Materials and Travel | Please note that this option is only available at locations that require less than two hours of travel.

60-Minute Introductory Webinar | $300 |  Curriculum unit(s) must be purchased for all webinar attendees in advance of the webinar.


Full day workshops require participants to have two units. All other workshops require participants to have at least one unit. Pricing for units can be found here.


Travel costs may include mileage, airfare, and/or living expenses. Travel days are billed at $400/day, plus expenses.

Cancellation Fee

If a program is cancelled within four weeks of the workshop date, there is a cancellation fee.

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