J. Timmons Roberts

Brown University

J. Timmons Roberts is Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology at Brown University. Roberts received his PhD in comparative international development from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 and his BA in biology (with research in tropical and temperate ecology) from Kenyon College. Roberts’ current research focuses on climate change and economic development. His core focus is on how inequality affects our ability to address the complex global problem of climate change.

Roberts has worked for many years with students on greening initiatives and with community groups and local, state, and national governments. He is a leader in Rhode Island’s efforts to plan for climate change, and in 2014 he led a group that successfully passed the first comprehensive climate legislation in the state. Roberts serves on the Board on Environmental Change and Society of the National Academy of Sciences.

What can young people do to take action on climate change?
What is the current state of international climate negotiations?
Who is most vulnerable to climate change?
Who are you and what do you do?
What are mitigation and adaptation?
Were the floods in Pakistan a “natural” disaster?
Why are some countries more vulnerable to climate disasters than others?
Did global climate change cause the flooding in Pakistan?
What is climate justice?
Why should we rethink foreign aid for climate related disasters?
How can we measure carbon dioxide emissions?
What is the Kyoto Protocol?
How has Latin America responded to climate change?
How has New Orleans responded to climate change?
How and why are local governments responding to climate change?
How are nongovernmental organizations responding to climate change?
How does climate change affect our daily lives?
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