Conference Session

Racial Slavery in the Americas: Resistance, Freedom, and Legacies

3:10 pm
NCHE Conference, Salon J
Salt Lake City UT

Racial slavery was at the center of the Atlantic World’s economy for centuries. Why is that relevant to students in a history class today? This session introduces the Choices Program’s 15-day curriculum unit, Racial Slavery in the Americas: Resistance, Freedom, and Legacies (provided) that helps students explore how the legacies of racial slavery shape present-day discussions of racial justice. Participants will examine readings, lessons, and videos in the unit that explore 400+ years of history, with an emphasis on enslaved peoples’ experiences of resistance. The session ends with a discussion of a lesson on reparative justice.

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The statue of Le Marron Inconnu in Haiti showing a freed person blowing a conch shell pointed to the sky. The statue is set against a backdrop of buildings, palm trees, and hills.

All participants will receive a one-year Digital Editions license for the Racial Slavery in the Americas curriculum unit.

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All history and social studies educators are welcome to attend.

Headshot of Mimi Stephens

Mimi Stephens

Choices Director of Sales and Professional Development
Mimi is the Director of Professional Development for the Choices Program. Prior to joining the Choices Program in 2011, Mimi worked at Clark University where she served as the Director of the Teacher Center for Global Studies supporting K12 social studies teachers throughout Massachusetts for more than 20 years. Mimi holds a Masters in International Development and Social Change from Clark University.
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