Introductory Webinar

Teaching a Long History of the American War in Vietnam: Bringing Women, Minority, and Refugee Voices into the Classroom

10:30 am

Note that this webinar begins at 16:30 Central European Time (10:30 am EST).

Join the Choices Program at Brown University as we present the student readings, lessons, and videos in our curriculum unit The Vietnam War: Origins, History, and Legacies as a model for applying multiperspectivity to the study of war. The session will highlight primary source quotes and lessons that prioritize the voices of women, Black, Latino, and Indigenous soldiers and resisters. We’ll also examine a lesson on the experiences of Vietnamese refugees. We’ll end with a discussion on how a “long history” approach can support students’ understanding of historical memory and historiography. 

The objectives of the webinar are to:  

  • Introduce the concept of “long history” when studying a particular war;
  • Consider a framework for bringing underrepresented voices into the study of the war using the American War in Vietnam as an example;
  • Examine how first person narratives can build empathy for an historical event that students might find distant and irrelevant to their lives today;
  • Discuss ways to use the student readings, six lessons, and short videos in the unit in various classroom settings.
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A complimentary one-year Digital Editions license to the Vietnam War unit, which includes student readings, lessons, and short videos, will be provided for all participants.



“Choices offers current and updated content that is relevant and not available in such formats in any other sources I have found. I like how it engages students in current events and situates the historical topics in real here and now ways that make it come alive and meaningful for students.”
Jennifer, History and Social Studies Teacher, New York


While this webinar is open to all, it is geared towards educators teaching in a European classroom.



“Your program was informative, interesting, and helpful. As a speaker and presenter, your style is most effective. No nonsense, fun, and engaging. These are rare qualifications and qualities. Thank you very much.”
– Fred, History Teacher, Florida

Headshot of Mimi Stephens

Mimi Stephens

Choices Director of Sales and Professional Development
Mimi is the Director of Sales and Professional Development for the Choices Program. Prior to joining the Choices Program in 2011, Mimi worked at Clark University where she served as the Director of the Teacher Center for Global Studies supporting K12 social studies teachers throughout Massachusetts for more than 20 years. Mimi holds a Masters in International Development and Social Change from Clark University.
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