Using Social Media as Data: Tools for Mining and Analyzing Social Media for Student Research Projects

4:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Would you like your students to learn a new research tool? Join us to learn about social media scraping, a new tool used by cultural institutions and researchers to broaden their inquiry into history and other social science topics. This workshop will provide:   

  • A rationale for using social media as a data set;
  • Free tools and strategies for analyzing social media for research projects, with a specific focus on Twitter;
  • Ideas for supporting students’ use of social media scraping for a variety of student research topics.

The webinar will be led by Ashley Champagne, PhD, Head of Digital Scholarship Project Planning at Brown University.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Digital Scholarship at Brown University
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This is a free webinar. Bring your questions!


All educators who are interested in learning how to support students’ use of social media scraping to enhance research projects are invited to attend. 

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