Objective-Students will:

  • Analyze maps and data to draw conclusions about the status of nuclear weapons stockpiles today.
  • Develop map reading skills and data-analysis skills.


In the Classroom

Note: Prior to this lesson, students should have an understanding of three challenges facing us today.

Part II of The Challenge of Nuclear Weapons addresses these topics.

  • The leftover arsenals of the Cold War
  • Proliferation
  • The threat of nuclear terrorism

Getting Started—Have students generate as a class a short list of current problems surrounding nuclear weapons. Put the list on the board or an overhead.

Map Analysis—Explain to students that they will be using a map to examine the status of nuclear weapons. Put students in groups of two or three and hand out the “Map Analysis Questions.”

Sharing Conclusions—After students have finished the activity, review some of the answers. Are there connections to the current problems listed on the board?

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