A Seminar for Educators

Confronting Genocide: Never Again

4:00 pm — 7:30 pm
The Holocaust and Genocide Resource Center
Branchburg, NJ

The Raritan Valley Community College Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies invites you to an interactive participatory workshop. Choices will present Confronting Genocide: Never Again. We will discuss the Genocide Convention and consider the challenges of defining “genocide.” Participants will present lessons from the unit which include applying the standards of the Genocide Convention to five historical cases: The Trail of Tears, Colonial Congo, the Ukrainian Famine, Tibet, and the Conquest of the Desert in Argentina. The curriculum guide also includes student readings and videos on: The Holocaust, Armenian, Rwanda, Sudanese, Bosnian and Cambodian Genocides. We will consider the benefits and limitations of using personal stories to learn about historical events. During this hands-on workshop, we will ask: How can we memorialize a genocide? What is the purpose of memorials? What is the concept of historical memory?

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Dinner, refreshments and a copy of the curriculum unit Confronting Genocide: Never Again?


History, geography, government, current issues, AP, IB, civics and other social studies educators are the main audience. Materials are appropriate for grades 7-12. Humanities teachers often use our materials and are encouraged to attend.

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Mimi Stephens

Choices Director of Sales and Professional Development
Mimi is the Director of Professional Development for the Choices Program. Prior to joining the Choices Program in 2011, Mimi worked at Clark University where she served as the Director of the Teacher Center for Global Studies supporting K12 social studies teachers throughout Massachusetts for more than 20 years. Mimi holds a Masters in International Development and Social Change from Clark University.
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