So you are ready for your first Choices role play! Hurray! Below are some tools to assist you in planning, conducting, and assessing the Choices role play. We’ve also included materials that can help your students hold a successful deliberative dialogue discussion following the role play.

Setting the Stage: Understanding Deliberative Dialogue Before You Begin

  1. What’s the difference between a discussion, a debate, and a deliberation?
  2. Deliberation versus Debate
  3. What is deliberation?

Student Tools for Prepping for Role Play

  1. Options Group Prep Sheet
  2. Undecided Role Prep Sheet
  3. Watch A Choices Role Play about North Korea (Conflict on the Korean Peninsula: North Korea and the Nuclear Threat)


Student Tools for Conducting the Role Play

  1. Options Note-Taking Sheet – Simple
  2. Options Analysis Chart – Complex

Student Tools to Support Deliberative Dialogue

  1. Preparing for Deliberation
  2. Speaker Deliberation Cards

Sample Assessment Tools

  1. Teacher Assessment of Role Play – Simple
  2. Teacher Assessment of Role Play – Detailed
  3. Student Rubric for Deliberative Dialogue
  4. Teacher Rubric for Deliberative Dialogue

Alternatives to Role Play

Ideas for alternatives to a traditional role play.

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