The Choices Program hopes you find these perspectives and tools—many of them from your fellow teachers—helpful. Please check back for updates.

What Teachers Are Saying about Choices

Our Teacher Conversations videos highlight how educators integrate Choices Program materials into their various courses. Hear from teachers who are new to Choices and from those who have been using the materials for years, from those who teach in small rural settings as well as those who teach in urban, multi-cultural settings.

Tools for the Options Role Play

The Options Role Play is a unique activity at the heart of the Choices Program’s curriculum units.  It is what makes Choices units so engaging and dynamic. The Choices Program has a number of resources and tools for use with the Options Role Play.

Name Five Activity

Kellie Carter Jackson of Wellesley College presents an activity that helps students to understand the contributions of Americans from a wide variety of backgrounds, and to realize that history is often presented through a white, male-centric lens that has left many people out of the narrative.

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