Managing Accounts

Digital Editions licenses are organized around sites (schools). A “district” is a collection of sites.

Site Licenses

District Administrator: You will manage the school sites. You will be able to either:

  • Set up Site Administrators who, in turn, add teachers, or
  • Add teachers to each site yourself.

You can also add additional District Administrators with the same capabilities that you have to manage sites.

Site Administrator: You can set up accounts for all participating teachers at your school. If you are also a teacher using Digital Editions, you can set up classes for yourself. You should not set up classes for your teachers; they need to each set up their own in order to have access to them.

When a new user is added to an account, an email is generated to the user enabling login.

Individual Licenses

An individual license enables a teacher to use digital editions with his/her students. Individual licenses cannot be shared with other teachers.


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