Headshot of Vazira Zamindar

Vazira Zamindar

Brown University

Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar is an associate professor of history at Brown University. She is interested in cross-border and interdisciplinary histories for rethinking a divided South Asia, as well as the politics of violence and its impact on history-writing itself. She is the author of The Long Partition and the Making of Modern South Asia: Refugees, Boundaries, Histories (Columbia University Press, 2007). Indian and Pakistani editions of the book came out in 2008. She is working on a second book on the history of archaeology and war on the northwest frontier of British India, on the borderlands with Afghanistan. Zamindar teaches courses in the history of colonialism and nationalism in South Asia, including the Partition of 1947 and Gandhi.

Zamindar’s videos are used in this Choices Program curriculum unit:
Indian Independence and the Question of Partition

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